This will be me

October 3, 2007

Yesterday we had (yet another) lecture on communication and “practicing with presence.” I think I’ll share the story our professor shared with us.

New nurse. Recent graduate. Young man (early twenties) comes in for an exam after being hit by a baseball in the genital region. Has pain and is worried something is damaged. New nurse is very nervous, awkward, reviews patient chart and sees that young man is from Rhode Island. Thinks, “I’ve never met anyone from Rhode Island before,” and goes into the room. Both new nurse and young man are embarrassed, red-faced. New nurse asks patient to lie back and prepares to examine him. New nurse lifts gown away from region to be examined and, simultaneously, out pops, “I see you’re from our smallest state.”

Young man sits up and says, “you can tell from looking??”


(Yes, that was an experience our professor had right out of school … and she’ll obviously never forget it. would you?)


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