October 10, 2007

I have an exam at 2 and I’m pretty sure I’m very underprepared, but I’m not going to dwell on that right now.

The weather today is BEAUTIFUL. It’s 70 degrees, sunny and gorgeous … 70 feels cool and refreshing, like maybe fall is actually on its way. I’m so tired of hot and humid, and now that I don’t have to fear 6 months of freezing pain with the onset of winter, I’m looking forward to the cool weather. It’s awesome, I want to take a hike or something. What are the chances of that happening, I wonder … not too great. Most likely, I’ll take this test, come home and pass out on the couch for a few hours before turning on the tv. Damn.

This week is the week where we practice giving sub-q injections in lab. I’m not too worried about that part, at least not yet, because doing it under the skin just isn’t as scary and not nearly as dangerous as sticking a needle into a muscle. We had a lecture today in which we were informed that when giving an intramuscular injection, we better be able to put that needle into the right place (the muscle), because if we miss we might inject a medication into a nerve and paralyze someone.

What can we do to avoid the nerve? Besides finding the borders of the muscle and jabbing right into the middle of it?

Nothing. NO-THING. “If you do that, the patient will start screaming. Then they’ll say to you, ‘I can’t feel my arm,’ and you’ll say, ‘oh, let me do that neuro thing … can you feel my fingers?’ and they’ll say, ‘No.'”

So. I find this frightening, and I’m going to be way more nervous every time I have to get a shot from now on and absolutely petrified the first 100 times I give someone an IM injection, but on the other hand, I’ve never been paralyzed and I’ve had a lot of shots. So I have to believe I’ll be able to learn how to recognize where the muscle is (in the arm, ass, whatever) and do it safely … oh lord.

Ok, enough about that. How about some happy thoughts. I should try to get to my happy place before going in to take this exam, although in a minute I am going to go back to my notes/flashcards and that isn’t very happy. Ooh, I bought a digital piano off of craigslist. I like it a lot, although I am sad because my ability to play seems to have diminished severely, since it’s been such a damn long time. I can get it back, I know, but — I don’t have much time these days. I’m happy that I have it, though, because I can play whenever! And learn new music, and I have been missing it a lot. I also miss some other stuff, like my friends and my mom’s dog and certain kids who are back in St. Paul. We had a lecture on the toddler & preschool ages yesterday, and one of the descriptions of months 30-36 was, “Understands syntax, opposites and actions in pictures, 3-4 word sentences, uses “what” and “where” questions, tells stories, use of plurals.” Of course I thought of Soren and his stories (using WAY more than 3-4 words in a sentence — but he is older than 36 months, and especially verbal :P) and his questions. I miss him.

Woot, back to fluid/electrolytes, acids & bases, shock, stress, and gas exchange!!


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