Fall Break

October 21, 2007

I am baking ginger snaps, because I’ve been craving some lately and although it does not feel or look like fall outside, it’s October 20th and ginger snaps are appropriate for this time of year. Also, I am baking in an attempt to pass the next couple of hours until Sophie gets here. Should be studying, but whatever. I can cram with the best of them.

It’s a beautiful day. I have a gorgeous bay window in my living room and my couch is under it. So the windows are open, and I can see the bright blue sky and a gentle breeze blowing the trees right outside my apartment. I should find the nearest park and go read outside or something.

This last week, week 8, was a hard one. Tuesday was particularly bad, what with one of my professors basically telling me I’m a bad writer (I know I’m not), I didn’t answer the question that was asked for my essay (I did), and not being able to give me any more details on how I could improve this skill called writing … and then hearing from some friends about the crazy Christians (there are a few of them here) and their homophobia. And general judgement of anyone who does something as evil as have sex outside of marriage, consider an abortion, or even desire an IUD.

Oh yes, I have learned that certain religions don’t believe in IUDs. Because they don’t stop fertilization, they stop implantation. Maybe the egg’s already fertilized, and if you stop it from implanting and growing, that’s the same as killing a baby. Obviously.

Anyway. Last weekend was fun. On Friday I went to a friend’s house for Shabbat and she made an amazing meal, and I ate way too much (but how could I not! matzah-ball soup, brisket, pumpkin risotto, kugel, eggplant, YUM!). On Saturday I went to a party where I met a girl who is very good friends with someone I went to high school. That was a strange coincidence … they went to Duke together. So we spent a while saying “Oh my God! That is so crazy!” and drank some beer and then later some of us tried to bounce around on a pogo stick (my record was 3 bounces, I think … that shit is hard).

We’ve got Monday and Tuesday off. I’ve got two (three, sort of) tests this coming week, one on Wednesday and two (written and a practical) on Friday, and 8 hours of hospital orientation on Thursday. Despite these horrors, I am determined that the next two days will be an actual fall break. I’m going to study some, but I’m also going to enjoy myself, because Sophie’s coming and we’re going to drink whisky. And possibly play some pictionary with a few other fun people. And listen to quality music while lying on the rug or the couch. It’ll be just like the good old days.


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