New story, familiar themes

November 11, 2007

Dear Chloe,

A monster bite me, and then a monster gorilla came. They went out trick-or-treating. They went ot get candy. “No,” says the monster. Then another monster gorilla came and said, “No, I don’t want to have candy.” Then a big one came. Two big gorillas. They were wearing costumes. They were dressed up as a turtle and the other one stealed my costume and put it on him. The pirate costume. The orange hat and the black one. They got into our house and tried to steal our Halloween spiders. Then they went “Huh!” because the spiders were alive. Then I fell down in the hole. The hole at Kelley Farm. And then the princess picked me out of the hole. Then we walked at Kelley Farm and saw the chickens. The chickens said “buck, buck, buck,” and the princess and Soren petted them. And then the princess petted the spiders with me and I got the stool to pet them. I got the stool because I wasn’t tall enough. Then I looked around for the stool with the princess. Then there was a big big noise. It went “Ba bump, ba brr!” There was a big elephant that said that. There was pine needles, we went through pine needles. There was a pine needle town. This time the princess went in again and the princess passed them again and the chickens went “buck, buck, buck” and Soren petted them too. And then there was a big witch coming adn this time pine needles got in my cat costume that I could wear.


Then some news from the pie: “Sirius ate my Halloween candy. I was sad. Grace and Sovigne were going to share. They did. I had a candy eyeball and a ring eyeball. I brought it to school. Also a big popsicle box and in it was popsicles (not really). I take dance class. I like it. Miss Patt gives me my dance lesson. I dress up as ballet tights. Brin is who I play with. She’s at my class. Dad set up trains with me the other night. I setted them up too. I set them up and put them on and they went around and around. It was a new thing. We got a transformer and it was a new thing. Then there was a sun coming up. There was a big princess. There were two princesses, and they said, ‘I love you.'”

And then my letter says, “Soren says ‘I love you’ too. We’re fading back into fantasy here, so I’ll sign off. Love from, K & S”

i miss him.


Yay OB

November 10, 2007

I got lucky this week … Deb gave me a patient who was scheduled for a c-section on Thursday around noon. Since we got there at 9, I was able to go over to L&D and follow the lady’s nurse around while she was prepped for the surgery. I was so excited, one of the nurses actually had to tell me not to run as I skipped into the lounge to grab my notebook … that was embarrassing and I felt like an ass, but YAY! Note to self: NO RUNNING. Even when babies are involved. Before the woman went in for the section, I got to be in the room as another woman gave birth. Well … we missed most of it, we just stepped in right as the he popped out because the nurse I was following was going to clean up the baby. She was really cool (the nurse), young and really good at her job.

When we were in the OR, she talked me through putting in the foley, which was scary but exciting, and also really convenient for me because the patient already had her epidural so I didn’t hurt her. I had some trouble getting the gloves on, and again felt like a total ass, but I’m pretty sure I kept it sterile and didn’t give her a UTI. Then they did the surgery, and I watched. It was kind of gruesome and crazy looking, but I didn’t feel sick, which was good because the doctor (I think he was the doctor) kept telling me not to touch anything that was sterile (I wasn’t going to touch anything) and if I had fallen over he would have been WAY pissed off.

The baby was a few weeks early and had some issues in-utero, so she went to the NICU. On Friday I took care of her mom, who was really sweet and doing well … and I walked her over to the NICU to visit her little girl a couple of times. She was totally adorable. It was sad, because she was in an incubator and couldn’t be held or anything, but she was doing pretty well and I think she’ll probably get to go home before too long. There were some other teeny TINY ones in there who definitely won’t be leaving any time soon, including one who was so fucking small … I think the nurse said 24 weeks. Way too small. 😦

So yeah. This week was good. Aside from the insane number of tests and papers and omg I CANNOT WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING … it was a good hospital week.

here we go

November 6, 2007

Last week was our first week of clinicals in the hospital, and it was a bit traumatizing. I’m trying to figure out how much I can write here without breaking the law and violating all sorts of codes, but I think if I don’t say our patient’s name I can give a general description here without being unethical.

So. Starting last week, we’ll have 2 8-hr shifts (Thurs/Fri) in the hospital with a small group of students and a supervisor (who has been our lab supervisor until now). I am with 6 other future nurse-midwives on the GYN surgery floor at the hospital next to campus, which is really nice because I can walk there … some people have rotations at other hospitals and have to commute. I’ll have to drive other places next semester, most likely, but for now it’s convenient. Thursday we’re there from around 8:30 until 6, since we have “clinical conference” beforehand where we talk about the patients we’re going to help take care of, and on Friday we have to be there at 6:15. That is not fun at all. The time passes quickly, since we’re running around (like chickens with our heads cut off, especially on that first day, my god), but by the end it’s like my brain has been completely sucked out through one ear and I’m functioning in almost a vegetative state. After we finish on Thursday we go home and plan the next day’s care, and after we go home on Friday we write up a huge thingy that’s too boring to even explain, but is due on Saturday.

Last week we were paired, in order to keep us from being as petrified as we would have been if we had to work alone, and so one of my friends and I took care (when I say “took care” I mean that very vaguely, loosely, as in monitored vital signs and helped her go to the bathroom) of a cancer patient. She wasn’t old. Thursday was scary because she wasn’t properly medicated for a while and so she was writhing in pain, and then it was awful because a couple of nurses had to put a nasogastric tube down her nose. I guess I won’t describe it in detail. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.

Friday was better except for … ugh, it doesn’t feel right to be writing about her. So after I went home on Thursday I felt totally shell-shocked and way too weak to do this, ever. But after Friday I felt a little better, and I think that although we students were totally inefficient and incompetent as nurses, we gave her a bit of moral support and were able to help some. Also, we had the doctor order a heating pad because that helped her the first day, and no one had ordered it the second day. So there.

I’ve got to get back to my flashcards, because this week is the week from hell and I have way too much to learn. Sometimes I feel really excited and marginally happy here, about some things, like the fact that almost all the midwives in my class are freaking awesome and are becoming friends of mine, and the fact that I don’t have to live through another upper-Midwest winter, and that I’ve met a boy I like who seems to like me back … but other times I’m totally freaked about EVERYTHING. I guess it’s normal.