I wrote a bunch of these last week, but then I didn’t post and now I can’t find them. So here we go again. Sophie … a bunch of ours will overlap. Obvy.

1. Wandering the Stanford campus with Katie, singing choir songs … especially in the parking garage, where the echoes made our harmonies sound freakin’ awesome. “The water is wide …”

2. Helping Soren practice walking on a Spring day in 2005, at Mac.

3. Eating, drinking, smoking & laughing hysterically with Mark, Luis, Nick & Sophie in May, 2007.

4. Playing “guess the Beatle” with certain someones.

5. Floating for hours in the lukewarm ocean at Hermosa Beach with my brother.

6. Shabbat at haKotel, summer 2006, joining a ring of joyous dancing women as the sun set, and feeling something I hadn’t felt before … and haven’t felt since.

7. Water-sliding & rope-swinging with Grace & Sovigne at the Y in Minneapolis.

8. Sitting on a balcony in Amsterdam with Miranda.

9. Summer days on the roof, playing the guitar badly and singing (quite well).

10. Taking a walking tour through a historic neighborhood on a sunny day in beautiful Jerusalem, and being able to understand the (very basic) Hebrew.

11. Playing that Brahms clarinet sonata with Andy in his recital and really nailing it.

12. Driving four hours to Atlanta to see Bob Dylan, the size of a caterpillar on the stage. Awesome.

13. Watching Help! for the first time in ten years with another Beatlemaniac.

14. Drinking wine in Florence and tipsily finding our way back to the hotel.

15. Playing in a ragtime festival in Boulder, 2001, in between two professional pianists, both of whom told me how much they enjoyed my music.

16. Coming up out of the train station in Paris into the most beautiful city EVER.

17. Smoking with my dad … Coffeeshop Rockland.

18. Driving Sarah home every day junior year and playing Mario Kart until our thumbs hurt.

19. Sitting in the backyard of our house, with a good book & enjoying the sun, surrounded by our animals: cat, dog, bird, bunny.

20. Grieg songs in our apartment, and Sophie cursing at the obnoxious people outside who didn’t appreciate the music we were making.

21.  Climbing up Masada and standing at the top.

22.  Whiskey and easy, four-chord songs, Marshall Ave, St. Paul.

23.  Decorating our favorite teapot.

24.  Kirk + music + hysterics x almost every day of junior & senior years.

25.  Webcam pictures with a variety of people, children and adults alike.

That’s it for now. I was up at 5:30 and I must sleeeeeeeep soon.


Yesterday my clinical group oriented to our OB “rotation” over at the general hospital here.

Let me say this: I think we got damn lucky.  Our instructor is a super-cool, young, groovy midwife, and her brain is like a freaking computer.  There is so much information in there, I wish I could just import it all into my own head.  The relief I felt this week was pretty intense.  Listening to her tell us passionately about the amazing human body and all the miraculous things it does, and what we can do to help it without intervening medically, made me feel so much better.   I am going to learn so much from this woman.  The next five weeks are going to be like a little tide-me-over until next year.  I still have to get through a shit-ton of stuff that won’t be too fun, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this rotation … it’s already like a breath of fresh air, and I haven’t even met one patient yet.  (Well, we met one very tiny brand-new patient, in the normal nursery.  CUTE.)
I struggled some during our last rotation, and I am incredibly happy to be done with the cardiac step-down unit.  Taking care of people who have had open heart surgery and are very very sick is just not what I want to do.  A lot of people say that even after you become a nurse practitioner, you should work as an RN first to gain experience, but I just don’t know if I want to do that.  I guess it’s possible, but I have been worrying about it because I just did not enjoy being in that hospital.  Taking care of moms and babies is totally different because, for the most part, they are healthy.  They aren’t sick.  Woohoo!  I can’t wait to be a midwife!

That being said, I still have plenty of anxiety about whether or not I can do it … whether or not I can be a good midwife, if my brain is even capable of absorbing all this information, but I’m going to do my damndest.  It helps when it’s so fascinating and wonderful.  And babies.  I love babies.

I think the good weather has lifted my mood.  Thank you for coming, Spring.


March 6, 2008

i need to focus on things that make me happy, so i’m gonna do that meme … or whatever … just list some things that make me happy.

1. naps.  i just had (another one), and since i am on spring break it was a guilt-free nap and it was awesome. i also had one yesterday, equally great.

2. my apartment.  it was nicer right after my mom came to visit and cleaned it, but it’s still in decent shape and i love it.  the light in this place in the afternoon — any time the sun is up, really — is beautiful.  it’s that really sort of clean, yellow light coming in all the windows and it feels so peaceful.

3. coffee from fido.  yesterday i brought my book over there and sat and drank a delicious latte and it was sooo good.  fuck, i love spring break.

4. visits from old friends.  elizabeth came last weekend and it was fabulous, and miranda is coming next weekend, and it will be fabulous.

5. hanging out with new friends.

6. writing and receiving mail. i have gotten 3 letters from costa rica so far and a few from the twin cities since i was there in january.  oh how i love mail.

7. umm … whenever i overhear anyone say anything about the beatles (except if it’s something bad, but really, how often does THAT happen).  when elizabeth was here, we went to a show where i heard some guy say, “there are probably DOZENS of beatles kids out there … and they just don’t know it.”  true, true.

8. showers.  hot showers.

yeah, those are some great things i just listed.  🙂