Leaning to the left, to symbolize freedom

April 20, 2008

It’s beautiful outside right now.  I am inside, studying flashcards on musculoskeletal & gastrointestinal conditions.  My apartment has so many windows that it’s really not all that bad to sit on the couch when the sun is shining and enjoy it, even if I do have to force details about, oh, gout – and congenital diaphragmatic hernias – and Crohn’s disease – into my head.

Last night I took a friend of mine across the street to the Chabad house.  It just happens to be less than five minutes from my apartment, which is convenient.  We had an awesome seder … really awesome.  Not super long, amazing food, good stories & religious explanations.  The family who hosted it run Chabad at the school.  Their apartment is basically an open house for anyone who wants to spend time there, at any time.  There were people at the seder last night who just happened to be traveling through town and wanted/needed a seder to attend.  I’ve only met this family one time before, but they were so incredibly welcoming and happy that we were there.  My non-Jewish friend was nervous at first, but after chugging the first two glasses of wine she calmed down and enjoyed it like I knew she would.  I love Passover.

On a tragic note: the father of another friend, who lives back in CA still, recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor from behind his eye.  He was given a prognosis of about 6-12 months to live – from now – if he does all the chemo and radiation and everything.  I can’t believe it.  It’s SO UNFAIR.  He’s so young, he shouldn’t be dying, he should not be getting ready to say goodbye to his family forever.  And she has already had so many struggles to overcome in her life.  It’s completely wrong that she will lose her father so soon.  It really pisses me off.  And it puts into perspective everything I might bitch about, because seriously.  What could be worse than what they are going through?  Some things, I guess.  But not much.

I wonder if I’m going to be sick.  In between those two paragraphs I had to jump up and hang my head over the toilet because I was certain I was going to puke.  Yay.  What perfect timing!  Being sick for finals is AWESOME.


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