Nothing much new

May 29, 2008

Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 90.  Hello, summer.  Spring was nice but I knew it would be short here.

I have paid back some of my sleep debt, after a four-day weekend and a short week, finishing clinicals for the semester and writing a good chunk of the fun paper due on Tuesday.  I’m feeling annoyed at pretty much everyone and everything in my life right now, but I’m going to go ahead and chalk that up to hormones for the moment.  At least for today.  I don’t actually think everyone and everything that I come into contact with are inherently irritating.  A fair amount of it is probably me.

Today I became trained in the art of phlebotomy.  Actually, it’s really easy.  Drawing blood is so much simpler than starting an IV, it gave us all a little boost of confidence so we could go for the needle with the catheter right after.  We aren’t supposed to be starting IVs on each other at this point because the school hasn’t officially trained us to do it yet, but this is something that seems totally idiotic to me.  They should be encouraging this type of thing: one instructor, six students, careful supervision and experience gained.  It’s totally stupid to think we can learn something like IVs in a one-day four-hour seminar.  It doesn’t happen like that, OBVIOUSLY.  It doesn’t happen in a classroom.

Anyway, it was fun, and it was our second time doing it so that’s good.  If we have an instructor in July who drags us into a patient’s room to start one, we won’t be quite as scared.

Speaking of which, I don’t know what I’ll do if I have “boot camp” at the hospital where we had our OB clinical experience.  Our instructor was fabulous, but OMG.  That place is so depressing.  It just really creeps me out the way the patients have practically zero control over their own experiences.  They put everyone -everyone – on pitocin to “augment” labor, and I would bet my bottom dollar most of those women do not know the risks involved with that drug.  It’s not informed consent if the woman doesn’t speak English, Miss “I’m a third year med student and I know everything.”  And it’s certainly not informed consent if you say, “No there are not any other options if you want the baby to be okay and you want the baby to be okay DON’T YOU,” Dr. 80% C-section rate.  YUCK.

Also they don’t let students do ANYTHING.  I probably shouldn’t get started on how totally stupid it is to not let students ever do anything (simple shit, not like actually delivering babies.  Not that they do that there very often except in the OR).  We don’t have any experience, you say?  Well, help us out then by not letting us do anything.  That way, when we’re actually nurses, we still won’t know how to do anything.  It’s clearly the best system.

Wow, I really am full of whine.  Let’s see.  Um.  Good things, good things, happy things …

I’m coming up blank.  I think I only write in this thing when I need to vent.  And the fact is that I need to vent a lot.  Oh well.  The next time something thrilling and wonderful happens, I should write about it.


One Response to “Nothing much new”

  1. Emily said

    Oh man, hearing about this just makes me glad there are people like you learning to be midwives so hopefully more and more people will know what pitocin is going in and can be informed on their own terms, in their own language, and without intimidation.

    I hope you get a good placement for your boot camp–I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙂

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