After that

May 30, 2008

I thought I should write now, about the fun I had last night, so something positive goes on record in this meager blog.  First I engaged in some retail therapy, which I have been doing far more than I should lately, but it was still great.  P and I got glammed up and went dancing at this place which, conveniently, is right across the street from my apartment.

70’s funk music is awesome.  So is whiskey and club soda.  We danced for hours like the hot dancing nursing students we are, it was great.  We got home a little after 2 and crazily enough I am already up and out of bed, feeling slightly bleccch in the stomach but not bad.

Today is a library day.  I have to finish my paper on “self-efficacy and pain perception during labor and delivery.”  Actually an interesting topic, a very interesting topic, but I have no desire to write this paper.  Surprise surprise.

Mmm, tea.  I love tea.


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