A new year

September 5, 2008

If everything goes as planned, in approximately 8 days I will be a registered nurse.  This is exciting and surprising and I’m trying not to freak out about the test I still have to take.  I think it’ll be okay … well, most things usually end up okay in the end.  But I mean to say I think I can pass it in the first go-round.  Nerves never have helped me perform well, so I’m just focusing on the fact that most people pass the first time and I like to fancy myself to be at least as intelligent as the majority of nurses that exist.  It’s good to not be very nervous.  I’m starting to have a bit of insomnia/nighttime anxiety about it, but whatevs.  It’ll be over soon.

I have started my second year, my specialty year, the MIDWIFERY YEAR.  A week from now, as well as having taken the NCLEX, I will have done my first internal pelvic exam.  In fact, I might have done two already.  This is something else that I feel some anxiety about, but really not too much.  Although I still don’t know that much about how to be a nurse, the past year has definitely made me infinitely more comfortable with the human body and all of its oddities.  Everyone is a little different, but we all have more in common than not, and this is comforting and interesting at the same time.  I find myself able to discuss strange and sometimes off-putting things that bodies do, and not feel grossed out or awkward or whatever.  I guess this is a good sign.  And that’s why I’m not too worried about hopping up onto an exam table and letting my midwifery classmates practice using a speculum on me.  Better me than an innocent, unknowing patient, I think.  It’s good to have the practice.

This semester is going to be a bitch and a half, but our women’s health/midwifery classes & labs are so much better than anything I’ve ever done in nursing school before.  We still have theory, and boring pathophysiology (SO BORING), but seriously, last week on our first day of class, time actually passed relatively quickly.  I was at school for eleven hours, but most of it was interesting.  Fun, even.  Finally!!


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