September 5, 2007

Time to buckle down. I have to do some major studying in the next few days. This is going to be slightly weird, because I haven’t really studied in advance of tests – like weeks in advance – for … ever? A long time. This is different, because I have to have a certain GPA to stay in the program (3.0) and therefore I can’t procrastinate my ass off the way I have historically, because it’s just not a risk I want to take.

So, break out the index cards and the time management skills and turn off the computer … that’s what I need to do. Luckily, a lot of it is interesting. In fact, most of it is – but I wonder why it is that as soon as I know I really have to learn something I suddenly lose most of my energy and enthusiasm. Habits must be changed. The fact that I will actually be responsible for other people’s wellbeing in approximately 8 weeks adds quite a bit of motivation (surprise surprise). Last night I was doing a clinical orientation thing online and it told me, “As a student, you may be the only person in the room when a patient goes into cardiac arrest. What do you do?” It was a bit of a shocker – I know this abstractly, but omg!! I’m totally incompetent! I had one day of CPR training! I guess I just have to put my trust in this system that claims to be able to train me sufficiently before I go into the hospital at the beginning of November. And I have to study.

(incidentally, the answer to that question – call for help! — no shit — and start CPR).

Also, I haven’t quite gotten into the whole “get up at 6:30, go to sleep at 11” thing yet. I hope that sometime soon my body makes the switch over from adolescent-who-is-tired-all-day-and-wide-awake-at-midnight to adult-who-needs-less-sleep, but we’ll see.

There’s a cute guy who lives on the floor above me. Actually, I don’t know if I could really pick him out of a line-up at this point, since we met for like one minute, but still. I think he just moved in. Maybe I should bring him some muffins (and not ask for the basket back).


Mid-week break

August 30, 2007

I don’t have any classes today, since it’s still the first week and we’re just sort of getting started. In fact, I might end up not having any classes on Thursdays until week ten, which is when we start clinicals (!!). (<— those exclamation points represent a whole lot of anxiety, fear, excitement, ANXIETY) … On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have didactic classes – lectures – HEHI (Human Experience of Health and Illness), Pharmacology, Populations-based health care, Foundations of Professional Nursing and Foundations of Clinical Practice. Mon-Tues is all day, 8-3 or 3:30, and Wed is a three-hour morning lecture. Thursday and Friday are reserved for our lab hours: two hours of assessment lab, two of interventions lab, and three of “integration” lab. I haven’t had any of those yet, but I got my lab pack yesterday, which includes a bunch of stuff like an IV bag, various tubes, etc. (I haven’t looked through everything in there yet).

I came home after lunch and promptly had a nap nightmare about trying to insert an IV into myself and failing miserably.

I don’t know if we’re actually going to practice giving ourselves IVs. I think we might just have to give ourselves shots. In the stomach … woot.

Anyway, so today I have to get ready for labs tomorrow, clean up the apartment, take some pictures of it, possibly go to the gym (although this is unlikely), go to the library and pick up my reserved copy of Patti Boyd’s autobiography. Predictably, I’ve been thinking about that more than my first lab day tomorrow. I feel like I shouldn’t read it, I really do, but I think I’m going to. I just can’t help myself. Sorry George … I probably won’t believe most of the bad things she says about you, anyway.